Linda takes her cues from the local culture and surroundings of each project...

Known for her diversity of design styles that reflect the individuality of a client, Linda takes her cues from the local culture and surroundings of each project. Her hallmarks are interiors that convey a timeless sense of “casual elegance” and thoughtful attention to detail, with an uncomplicated design approach that emphasizes the complete environment.  

“Spaces should never be static, so my constant goal is to provide a cohesive and innovative mix of architectural details, exquisite finishes, furnishings and unique findings.  This is achieved by careful and persistent editing,” says Linda.  “Good design is so much more than filling up a space with objects.” 

Resulting from a 35 year career span of diverse projects, worldwide travel, and rich lifetime experiences, Lamb draws inspiration from many different cultures and genres, designing interiors that mix refined with organic, and old with new. 

At Lamb Design Group, our mantra is all about creating interiors that balance practical comfort with a luxurious and timeless aesthetic.  We believe interior environments should always be uplifting, and strive to create environments that enrich and improve the quality of people’s lives.  


“When a client tells me years later that they still love the space we created, I know I’ve done my job well.”